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The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering was founded in 1994 as part of the Faculty of Engineering. The academic structure comprises 6 science branches within which education and related research activities are organized:
Science Branches:


  • Circuits and Systems
  • Electronics
  • Electrical Machines
  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical Generation, Distrubution and Infrastructure
  • Electromagnetics and Microwave Technology


The courses in our undergraduate program are in 30% English and 70% Turkish. Currently department faculty consists of 8 professors, 7 associate professors, 5 assistant professors as well as 13 research assistans. Supporting technical and not technical staff comprises 3 IT management personel, 1 departmental secretary, 1 student affairs secretary and 3 people general support staff.


Mission Statement


To create an educational experience for students focused on enabling them upon graduation to be professionally competitive at world level; to be able to initiate and carry out research activities and projects oriented to the needs of the our country; to be able to further science and technology for the benefit of the our society and humanity in general. 




The Department of EEE strives to achive the level of education, research, student life quality, infrastructure and working environment as envisaged by major international university accreditation associations.


Program Objectives


  • Based on deep disciplinary and application oriented education, grounded on mathematics and physics, our students acquire indepth and wide in range knowledge and professional skills that help them:
  • Find professional fulfillment at national or international level during the first year after graduation;
  • Participate, contribute and lead research and development activities in industry, academic and research organizations

Impact society in a prositive transformative way based on the acquired disciplinary knowledge, social and collaborative skills and ensure that each individual can achieve his or her full professional and social potential in the selected field.


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