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Internship Information

In order to reduce the printed paper consumption, the internship book and all internship documents should be delivered in digital environment as of summer internships.

Internship Report: If it is sent from the e-mail address of the internship supervisor, it will be considered that your report is controlled by the internship supervisor.

Internship Evaluation Form: It must be filled in digitally and sent by the internship supervisor.

Workplace Questionnaire: It must be filled in digitally and sent by the internship supervisor.

Student Questionnaire: It must be filled in digitally and sent by the student, no signature is required.

Documents will not be accepted if the student sends the Internship Report, Internship Evaluation Form and Workplace Questionnaire, which must be sent by the Company Internship Officer.

Send your documents to

Procurement of Internship Documents: In the internship follow-up form, the internship status has been sent to the dean's office, and  SSI- Social Security Institution (SGK) entries will be made by the Dean's Student Affairs Unit.

If requested by the companies, the SSI entry document regarding the internship should be obtained via e-Government / e-state (e-Devlet), and documents such as Workplace/Internship contract should be obtained from the Dean's Office of Student Affairs upon the request of the student.

In addition, documents such as transcripts and student certificates for internship are obtained from the Dean's Office of Student Affairs.


You can send an e-mail to for all your internship related transactions. After completing the pre-registration form in the link below, the students who will do the internship will apply to the e-mail address given below with the internship application petition and the company acceptance letter. Internship obligation certificate and internship contract are given upon the request of the firm. You can find the details about the internship in the Internship Regulation.

  • Pre-Registration Form (Link)
  • Internship Application Petition (Link)
  • Internship Obligation Document (Link) (After filling in your personal information, send the document to for the signature of the internship supervisor.)
  • Internship Agreement (Link)
  • Internship Regulation (Link)


CLICK to find out your status after application



Students who have completed their internship are required to submit the following documents.

a) Forms to be filled by the student


b) Forms to be filled by the company



CLICK for general questions about internship


NOTE: If the download cannot be started when you click on the link, open the page with browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and try to download the file again.


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